TV9 Network presents “What India Thinks Today – Global Summit”

Countdown begins for India’s mega thought fest hosted by TV9 Network featuring 75 Star
Speakers. Home Minister Amit Shah to deliver the Summit Keynote address on June
17 while Defence minister Rajnath Singh will launch Summit proceedings on June 18
TV9 Network “What India Thinks Today – Global Summit” to feature David Cameron, former
UK premier, as star global speaker. Hamid Karzai, former Afghanistan president, will be the
other top global speaker. Top Union Cabinet ministers and heavy weight Chief Ministers too
will address the Summit. The two-day influencer conversation marathon will dwell on the
aspiration that binds 130 crore Indians with “Vishwa Guru: How Near, How Far” being the
theme of the inaugural edition of “What India Thinks Today – Global Summit.”
June 11, 2022, New Delhi: TV9 Network, the No. 1 news network in India, has announced
the launch of its two-day Mega Thought Fest titled ‘What India Thinks Today Global
Summit” to be held at the Taj Palace in New Delhi on June 17 and June 18, 2022. 
The Summit will bring together on a single platform, some of the most influential and
distinguished international and national speakers from the field of politics, governance,
economics, healthcare, culture and sports. It will host 75 star speakers spread over two days
covering a variety of themes.
It will witness some of the best-known policy makers and top Cabinet ministers while senior
Chief Ministers’ representing federal India too will address the Summit. 
Union home minister Amit Shah will deliver the Summit Keynote address on June 17. Union
defence minister Rajnath Singh will launch the proceedings on June18, day two of the
Summit. In all 15 Union cabinet ministers will share their Vishwa Guru vision for India. Chief
Ministers drawn from across the length and breadth of India will dwell on the core Summit
The former UK premier David Cameron will speak on the “India In The New International
Order” theme. Hamid Karzai, former Afghanistan premier, will address the issue of
“Terrorism: Enemy of Humanity.”
Commenting on his participation, David Cameron said, “I am delighted to be joining you at
this first Global Summit hosted by TV9, bringing together some of the brightest minds in
India to tackle some of the great challenges and opportunities that the world faces today. I
remain incredibly proud of the strong relationship I helped forge between the United
Kingdom and India while I was Prime Minister. I brought my first ever trade mission to India

back in 2010 to help create a truly modern partnership, alive to the possibilities of the
world’s oldest democracy and the world’s largest democracy. It is such a pleasure to
return more than a decade on to examine with you a very different world we live in today.
The challenges may be different, but the strong bonds that bind our countries together
endure. There is no shortage of topics to be covered, so I look forward to joining you at this
important gathering.”
“I am looking forward to participate in the TV9 event and discuss issues of mutual interest
between India and Afghanistan,” said Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan.
Speaking on the occasion, Barun Das, CEO, TV9 Network said: “With this Summit, we intend
to catalyse interesting conversations, discussions and deliberations that hope to show a
blueprint of India’s journey to become the leader of the new world. The journey isn’t
without challenges. But the goal is as sacred as it is ambitious, driven by strong leadership,
collective will and commitment of the entire nation. The ultimate aim of this event is to
generate ideas and thoughts through free-wheeling discussions to achieve a common
objective of India becoming the ‘Vishwa Guru’.”
The event is planned to revolve around four pillars – Politics & Governance, Business &
Economy, Socio-Culture & Healthcare and Sports & Entertainment. It will feature debates
and discussions on how India has successfully coped with the new world order in times of
opportunity and adversity as also outline what are the challenges – known and unknown –
that we face as we aspire for a due place in the galaxy of nations.
For a complete list of speakers participating in the discussions on various topics please log
on to the following URL

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