Either we win, or the world will be destroyed: Alexander Dugin

First Global interaction with Russian Ultranationalist known as ‘Putin’s Guru’

The ongoing war will end only when Moscow wins it. And if not, the world will be destroyed, Alexander Dugin, widely acknowledged as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s guru or ‘Putin’s Brain’ told TV9 Bharatvarsh in a world-exclusive interview with India’s most popular Hindi News Television Channel.  

“There are two possibilities. First, it will end when we win (and) at that moment. It’s not too easy though. And the second possibility is that this fight will end with the end of the world. Whether we win, or the world will be destroyed. I am absolutely sure (that) this time Russia will not be overcome by the enemy. We won’t tolerate any other solution at the end of the war except victory and in that, all our people, our state, our President are totally in accordance,” he told the Channel. 

Dugin spoke exclusively to TV9 Bharatvarsh on the sidelines of an event organized in remembrance of his daughter’s death, at the hands of the “Ukrainian terrorists”. Maria, his daughter, would have turned 30 had she not got killed in a terrorist attack.  

On her death, an emotional Dugin said, that if the terrorists wanted to kill him rather than his daughter, he would have loved to get killed twice.  

He said the ongoing war is not between Russia and Ukraine. It is not about the fight between the two nations or between Russia and the collective West; “but the main struggle is between the human beings and evil power that attacks every country, every culture, and every people. And this black power wants to destroy the spirit, the soul, the truth and replace that by conventional wisdom, by fake news.” 

“So, the war is of multipolar world order against unipolar world order. It’s nothing either about Russia, Ukraine, or Europe; it’s not against the West and the rest; it’s humanity against hegemony. There are many negative aspects of the special military operation. I am supporting my country, my President, and my people who are fighting for justice and peace in a multipolar world,” Dugin added. 

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