FIIB’s 8th research conference to touch upon “Humanizing Businesses for a Better World of Work”; Will bring together renowned management veterans from across the globe

~The prominent conference will incorporate thesis presentations, case competitions, editor’s meetings, and much more~

New Delhi, 10TH January, 2023: Continuing its legacy of serving as a distinguished platform for addressing contemporary challenges, the 8th edition of the Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB)‘s research conference will witness extensive brainstorming on the theme,” “Humanizing Businesses for a Better World of Work.” 

Speaking on the theme Prof. Radhika Shrivastava, FIIB had this to say – “The fundamental transitions in the post pandemic world present challenges for organizational decision makers and scholars of management like never before, and forces us to reimagine and reinvent the future organizational structures, workplaces and the workforce”.

The ambitious conference has been designed in line with the existing volatile times, particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic ravaged the global economies and supply chain.

FIIB’s 8th research conference has been uniquely categorized in four subsequent events including-:

  • Research Grant Competition (RGC, 14th January, 2023): The competition will come as an unprecedented opportunity for researchers to introduce their research ideas and bag awards and recognition.
  • Katastasi: Case Writing Competition (19th January, 2023): This case study competition will underline business problems that can be utilized for teaching-learning in management classes or by organizations for transitioning towards a sustainable business model.
  • Research Clinic & Doctoral Consortium (RCDC, 2nd and 3rd February 2023): The third edition of theResearch Clinic & Doctoral Consortium (RCDC) 2023 is designed to facilitate scholars to examine their ongoing research and garner productive feedback. The scholars will also receive a chance to network with highly proficient researchers with similar research interests.
  • FIIB Research Conference (FRC, 2nd and 3rd March 2023): The finale will include holistic discussions to identify the strategies to humanize businesses and sustainable business development across global economies. The participating experts will also evaluate the existing and forthcoming policy challenges for businesses in the ongoing times of volatility and disruption.

FIIB’s 8th research conference will be navigated by globally acclaimed management researchers and practitioners like-:

  • Prof Jacqueline Eastman from Florida State University
  • Prof Jochen Wirtz from National University, Singapore
  • Prof Malcolm Higgs from Birmingham City University Business School
  • Prof M S Balaji from Rennes School of Business
  • Prof Radhika Shrivastava and Prof Kokil Jain from FIIB

The 8th edition of FIIB’s research conference will focus on effective solutions and roadmaps for work in the post-Covid-19 era. Bringing in unique elements of workshops, case competitions, and keynote addresses by top level managers, the conference will offer a significant opportunity for knowledge sharing with researchers, industry leaders, and students” said Prof. Malcolm Higgs.

”FRC2023 is a sincere attempt by FIIB to bring together scholars who study and inform management, as well as practitioners who practice management to deliberate on proactive solutions and roadmaps for navigating the overwhelming new world of work.  Besides offering a remarkable platform to network with the experts, the conference will also furnish the chance to win numerous prizes across 25 categories,” adds Dr. Kokil Jain, Faculty FIIB.

The conference will also include papers from both the practice and research sides in the form of Perspective paper submissions and Research paper submissions respectively.

For more information about FIIB and the Research Conference, please visit:

About FIIB

With a legacy of delivering excellence in management education for almost three decades, FIIB has been a provider of quality business education at the post-graduate and doctoral levels and is counted among India’s top management schools. It is committed to creating valuable differentiation by building future leaders of business and social relevance.

FIIB boasts of a strong research ecosystem supportive of the production of high-quality scholarship that requires rethinking the traditional public value of business research and one that forges a new social commitment with the communities we proclaim to serve.

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