Gagan Saini: The face of new India, thriving on the success of MSME revolution!

Gagan represents the new India. The India that is moving from being job seekers to job givers. And, we need more enterprising entrepreneurs like Gagan to meet the growing demands of India, a country that is poised to be one of the largest economies in the world. Story of Gagan has all the masala of a Bollywood blockbuster, as his struggles are the struggles of every person who chooses a different path – with courage, conviction and faith.

Gagan spoke to our correspondent and here are points discussed in detail:     

How did you become an entrepreneur and how has been the journey so far?  

There was a lot of hesitation before starting my own Venture, it was a long journey which time and again pushed me to do something remarkable, I started my career in 1991 with some part time jobs along with studies. Those were the days of 386 & 486 no network but still a lot to learn, worked with a Book Publisher as Data Entry and designing, slowly I was put in the field to interact with Clients generating New Business and building new relationships. I loved being in the field most of the time meeting different people from across industry from Government and Private Industries. Worked with RPG Ricoh in Store keeper handling spares for Copiers and Fax. Being the youngest in the Team of 18 engineers and others I was always taught and encouraged by them, keeping myself highly motivated with a go-getter attitude. Then came the revolution in Telecom and I joined a distributor for sales of Mobiles and Pagers. Everything was going so fast in life, there was huge demand in the business, I was more of a Sales guy but destiny pushed me to the Credit and Collection role in Banking sector that was another journey toward success. After half a decade in that I was sitting with a Senior Banker and over a chat he asked me what I am doing in Credit & Collection, I replied, I am a hardcore sales guy generating new business for my company, the day I stopped would be my last. He agreed but said why for others why not for your own self you had enough experience and that awaken me, started my own Agency for multiple banks in West Bengal but still it seems that there is no innovation and nothing new it’s all the same routine, and a year later I was trying my luck in Advertising Industry, Trailblazerr Consultant started in 2012 our first Campaign was for a leading Zee News a Studio on wheels was made on a Volvo Bus, then Emami, Ford, Coke, ITC, Pizza Hut, IPL, Radio City and ball started rolling with no looking back. I believe every day starts with new opportunities, new challenges and new learning. Starting a Business is not that easy, people took their whole life for taking this decision, I was lucky to have mentors, friends, families and colleagues who supported me and always wished me for my success.

What is your vision for your business?  

When we started this business, I thought of keeping 1-2 products but today after over a decade our clients Trust and demand pushed us to work on customised solutions doing a lot of in-house production, we have already expanded vertically but it’s time to increase clientele making our team stronger by adding more hands to it. Taking it to the overseas market, where as we have already done some projects but still too few to mention.

How do you stay updated with the latest in the business?

Networking increases your bandwidth & leading your team from front on every project irrelevant of its ticket size gives you more knowledge every time you do it, it gives you on ground experience new techs, qualities and fulfilling requirements of your clients. This in return also helps you get updated with what is going both online and offline.

What do you think is the role of MSMEs in the country’s GDP and progress?  

MSME’s have been the Lifeline of Economy in India. This sector draws significant importance in terms of employment, production, income and export. Being a labour-intensive sector and creating large employment opportunities in India.  

Advice to the aspiring entrepreneurs that you want to give? 

Everyone wants to do Business as that gives you more Power, Money and a free hand, but one should attain that maturity to start it, as starting Business without experience and mentors is only for those who are lucky enough. I think reaching an age and attaining knowledge, building a strong network will make you take this hard decision changing your life. You may not need much of investment if you are strong in all these, this will reduce your risk of financial losses too.

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