LNJ Bhilwara Group presents ‘Nirjan Karawas’ a play about Sri Aurobindo’s journey as a freedom fighter

New Delhi, December 2, 2022: A multi business conglomerate, The LNJ Bhilwara Group, with interests in Textiles, Graphic Electrodes, Power, Energy storage solutions and IT has always been on the forefront of promoting the rich Indian culture and its heritage through cultural events like  “Chanakya” “Ram ki Shakti Pooja” and “Bhilwara Sur Sangam” and now proudly presents ‘Nirjan Karawas,’ a theatrical masterpiece which depicts a key period in the journey of the legendary philosopher Sri Aurobindo as a freedom fighter and his incarceration by the British Government for ‘revolutionary activities’ which changed his life.

The story of the play relates to Sri Aurobindo’s teachings about the victory over death by humanity and is a stirring subject that has hitherto been untouched by mainstream entertainment portals. The narrative revolves around a perennial question that humans face: What happens after death? Is it the end of everything or does something remain once an entity has passed away.

Commenting on the play, Mr. L.N. Jhunjhunwala, Founder, The LNJ Bhilwara Group said: “This is a unique attempt which dwells on the aspect of a man who is trying to know what happens to him after death. Sri Aurobindo’s period of imprisonment changed not only his own being, by embracing yoga and spirituality, but had a deep impact on humanity. He treated his confinement in jail as seclusion in an ashram and achieved self-realization which he propagated for many years as a poet, philosopher and supreme Yogi. Through this play we intend to create awareness about Sri Aurobindo’s immortal message, his life and achievements and his huge contribution to literature that runs into thousands of pages.”

Produced by Rangbhhoomi Theater Group, New Delhi, ‘Nirjan Karawas’ is directed by J.P. Singh and is written by Jaywardhan. The two-hour play will be performed at Shriram Center, Mandi House, New Delhi on Monday, December 5, 2022 at 6.30 pm.

About LNJ Bhilwara Group:

LNJ Bhilwara is a well-diversified and highly credible group from India with revenues of USD 1 billion. The Group comprises of 17 companies out of which 5 are listed on the Indian stock exchange. LNJ Bhilwara group’s production units & corporate offices are spread across the country at 47 locations employing over 25,000 strong workforce. Over the last six decades, LNJ Bhilwara has established itself as one of the top Indian business conglomerates diversifying into multi-products and services in textiles, graphite electrodes, power generation, IT-enabled services, power engineering consultancy services, energy storage solutions & skill development.

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